Oaxaqueños Tamales

Banana leaf wrapped tamales. Choose from the fillings below.
$4.50 ea

Cochinita Pibil
Slow roasted pork cooked in citric juices and spices (GF)
Mole Negro
Chicken cooked with traditional black mole. (GF)
Sauteed carrot, onion, spinach and zucchini. (GF/VEGAN)

Norteño Tamales

Cornhusk wrapped tamales. Choose from the fillings below.
$3.50 ea

Chile Verde Pork cooked in a green tomatillo sauce. (GF)
Tinga de Pollo Chicken cooked w/onion, garlic, and chipotle in adobe. (GF)
Rajas Roasted pasilla Peppers, onion, corn kernals and queso fresco.* (GF)


$2.00 ea (4oz.)

Frijoles Puercos
Native to Sinaloa, these beans are refried and cooked with bacon, ham, chorizo, chopped onion, and chipotle. (GF)
Arroz Mexicano Mexican rice cooked with onions, garlic, and tomato. (GF/VEGAN)
Corn kernels roasted in chipotle margarine, garlic, onion, and epazote. (GF/VEGAN)

By the Dozen

Norteño Regular Dozen
$36 Ea (any variety)
Oaxacan Regular Dozen
$48 Ea (any variety)
Salsas $5 (16oz)
Sides $5 (1 lb)


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