Tamale Boy is about everyone, our staff, our chef, and especially you, our customer. Tamale Boy started as ‘Mayahuel Catering’, with the main concept of showcasing an authentic Mexican kitchen, art, history and cuisine in a new place. It is our mission to change the environment and landscape of Mexican food in the United States, showcasing the talented, creative side of our team. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with the Tamale Boy himself, owner Jaime Soltero. 

Why the name Tamale Boy?

The name Tamale Boy actually came from our customers! Our tamales were a huge hit, but our name Mayahuel Catering was too difficult to remember, so they just started calling me ‘Tamale Boy”.

How did you start out?

At first, we just started with the food truck. We would go to busy intersections and post up to get our name out there. It wasn’t long before business owners started asking us to park at their locations! Local TV station KPTV and Elliot & Associates were both huge supporters in this regard. Yelp also played a huge part of putting us on the map when they voted us as Best Dish of 2012. Since then, we have expanded into full-service catering and opened our brick and mortar location in the Woodlawn neighborhood!

What makes your tamales special?

Our tamaleras make our tamales from a recipe and technique that’s been passed down in our family for years. In fact, each and every tamale is still hand made!

What’s your philosophy about what you do?

At Tamale Boy, we are true to ourselves. We work hard, we have fun, and we treat our staff with respect. Our philosophy is to do well, because it’s a representation of us personally.